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     Unique estate in Ticino, exclusively available at Rudischhauser Treuhand

                On sale is a very unique estate, the "Ca di Re" in Malvaglia, in the charming Blenio valley in Ticino. The property on the sunny eastern hillside of Malvaglia-Chiesa is situated in a calm environment, with a free vista to the valley and the mountains, and carries a beautiful and rich mix of southern plants and trees. The property with a total of 3'300sqm includes a forest of about 2'200sqm and a small vineyard. An ideal place to relax!
Located on the base of the Ca di Re was long go a castle, the Castello Ca di Re, the home of the Re, a noble family from Piedmont. From here, the Re could control the Blenio valley trench at Biasca, invisible from the main castle, the Castello di Serravalle, and reported incidents to Serravalle. The latter is associated with Emperor Barbarossa who is said to have been visiting the Castello Ca di Re.
The castle lied in ruins when the actual owner bought the property end of 1980, removed the remainings and built on the same spot beneath the own forest a castle-like estate according to his vision. Great importance was attached to reuse ancient elements, but also to use traditional materials, to insulate the roof and house walls thoroughly and to install modern domestic engineering.

A real bijou and an estate that will make you feel like a "lord of a castle"!

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